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The Hallux or First Toe Is the Medio-Distal Part of The Foot.

Formed Through the First Metatarsal (articulates with Sesamoid Bones), the First Proximal Phalanx and The Primary Distal Phalanx.
Fashioned with The Aid of Three Bones Instead of 4, Not Like the Alternative Feet Who Have an Extra Bone Known as The Intermediate Phalanx.
The Hallux (first Toe) Has 3 Synovial Joints.

Tarsometatarsae Joint – Situated Between the Medial Cuneïforme Bone and The First Metatarsal, It Does Now Not Permit a Whole Lot of Movement.
Metatarsophalangeal Joint – Connects the Primary Metatarsal and The Primary Proximal Phalanx. the Joint Allows Flexion and Extension of The Primary Toe and A Small Ab- and Adduction Towards the Centre of The Second Toe. It Is Also Bolstered by Using Ligaments (lig. Metatarsophalangae Collateralia and Lig. Metatarsophalangae Plantaria).
Interphalangae Joint – Connection Between the Two Phalanges of The First Toe. This Joint Best Permits Flexion and Extension and It’s Also Strengthened via Ligaments (lig. Interphalangae Collateralia and Lig. Interphalangae Plantaris). Bunion Corrector Shield to Alleviate Bunion Pain: Our Fancy Muscular Bunion Corrector Toe Spacer Seems First-Rate for Bunion Torment Mitigation with The Aid of Solving the Huge Toe Joint and Giving Extra Cushioning. Super Hallux Valgus Corrector for All..

Clinically Relevant Anatomy

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