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Tampax Super Plus Applicator 20 TamponsĀ  in pakistan made by USA

Our original duration safety for your heavier days! For up to 8 hours of comfortable protection, try the tampon girls continue to trust: tampax splendid plus cardboard tampons. Presenting a unique leakguard skirt, tampax extraordinary plus cardboard tampons offer backup protection to help stop leaks earlier than they happen. Their formfit layout additionally gently expands to suit your particular form, so that you can sense at ease and confident all through your length. And tampax cardboard tampons have an anti-slip grip applicator for easy insertion. For attempted-and-genuine female protection, try tampax notable plus cardboard tampons and next time, for secure, reliable safety, try tampax pearl tampons.Tampax with leakguard enables prevent leaks so you can be protected for up to a most of 8 hours, even overnight. Tampax authentic has a unique leakguard skirt, smooth tip, anti-slip grip prevents your palms from slipping and enables get your tampon in the right location, formfit tampon that lightly expands to fit your particular shape, and a flushable applicator.

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Whilst mother nature grants your “monthly gift” – outsmart her with the protection of tampax.; arise to eight hours of protection. Use maximum eight hours.; get the precise tampax protection system!; the leakguard skirt facilitates forestall leaks.; your shape is specific, formfit lightly expands to fit your precise shape.; anti-slip grip prevents your arms from slipping and helps get your tampon inside the proper location.; smooth tip!; flush it if you want! Applicator is biodegradable and flushable.Tampax first rate plus tampons have an absorbent core and an anti-leak skirt for additional back-up safety, whilst their cardboard applicator capabilities an anti-slip grip for smooth insertion.The absorbent tampon center enables to provide better and lengthy-lasting protection. The protecting skirt to help avoid leaks before they occur and the anti-slip grip allows clean and controlled insertion.




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