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Slim Line Hot Cream Uses

Slim Line Hot Cream In Pakistan and Dubai – It contains a powerful combination of Vitamin C and Collagen. Nutri-vitamin works twice as hard to repair your skin on the outside while regenerating it deep inside. Vitamin C is an essential to the body’s natural collagen production. The loss of natural collagen over the years results in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Achieve a radiant appearance with the daily use of this revitalizing night cream.Dr Rashel Vitamin C face Night Cream , size 1.76 oz , Contains Niacinamide and a powerful combination of vitamin C and Collagen , Boosting Moisturiser gives you a helping hit of skin-revitalising and joy-giving radiance young look,Vitamin C Night Cream , It helps your face to feel more refreshed and energised .

Slim Line Hot Cream Reviews In 2022

Protect the skin against the effects of aging , It is a fresh, lightweight gel formula , Vitamin C stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines.Dr. Rashel Vitaminc Face Cream is: Packed with antioxidants and ingredients that provide daily hydration to the skin. The benefits of vitamin C are well known in the skin care industry.BENEFITS OF VITAMIN C: Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and can provide many anti-aging skin benefits that include minimizing appearance of wrinkles, tightening and firming skin, brightening and eliminating skin blemishes.

Slim Line Hot Cream Benefits

Dr. Rashel has packed this vitamin c facial cream with hyaluronic acid that works effectively to stimulate collagen production beneath skin, allowing re-plumping of skin and reducing skin sagging.These ingredients provide additional hydrating and skin soothing benefits for the skin.EFFECTIVE DAILY FACE CREAM: Effective, yet gentle facial lotion packed with Vitamin C, is safe for all skin types. Used daily, customers report smoother, softer looking skin. Best used with Dr.Rashel Vitamin c serum. use after a cleansed face, before makeup application.WE KNOW YOU WILL LOVE OUR FACIAL CREAM: With hundreds of success stories in skin improvement, we know you will love this face cream.This rich night creme reveals a more lifted and youthful look while you sleep. Skin feels firmer, denser as elasticity increases. Lines and wrinkles look diminished. This fresh, lightweight vitamin C face cream takes the hard work out of a healthier-looking glow.


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