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It has shown many great results in reducing time. . You should find master guidance for measuring and using it as it should not.

Low testosterone levels. Low sperm count, and. Wheat is eaten as usual or as recommended by the Authority. It contains therapeutic treatments to improve oligo spermia.

It has a rivalry with the properties of Nervine Tank and Fatigue.

One who can consider improving the capacity and vitality level. Hack and the sheep. Reduce panic and stress. Lose focus on veins and synapses.

Restore the body.



Dabur Shelljit gold symbol.

Acid Reflux

Regular or nausea


Low sexual desire.

Emotional Episode.


Is thrilling.

Stomach ache

Skin rash (very uncommon)

Dabur Shilajit gold measure.

1 – 2 cases.

Twice daily.

With boiling water or milk.

After meals

Note: The maximum permissible measurements are 6 cases a day and to avoid any difficulty. It should not be left behind.

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  1. Faheed Malik

    Good Results. Thanks!

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