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Shea Butter Foot Massage Exfoliating Cream in Pakistan

a hundred% modern-day excessive nice!
foot cream extract plant scrubs particles to cleanse foot dirt and help exfoliate lightly.
carries the essence of shea butter, it allows improve the dry and difficult foot pores and skin.
nourish the feet pores and skin, upload moisture to the skin, owning smooth and delicate ft.
mild plant system, supply the water and nutrients wished through the foot skin, nourish the skin, mild cleansing of the skin, come up with a comfy, smooth, smooth, delicate and elastic feet.
eliminate useless pores and skin, beriberi, enhance dry, chapped and antique cocoon foot problems, care for the ft you stroll each day.
give your self, give your circle of relatives a warm start from the toes. considerably, the aged need more interest.
rub down toes, melt cutin and exfoliating, accelerate the blood circulate of ft.


Affected by the coronavirus, we are currently unable to produce this product. As there are too many customers, we recommend customers to buy Horec brand products. Horec is another sub-brand of our company aimed at sales in mainland China. Both brands are produced by our own factories, the quality is the same, and the packaging is almost the same. Please rest assured to buy.


a journey of one thousand miles starts offevolved with a single step smooth sensitive ft. like to the toes starts with a gentle and gentle massage cream cream with scrub debris enables lightly cleanse the pores and skin from dust and attractive layer. gentle cleaning for sensitive ft. cream with rubdown debris facilitates to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. don’t let your toes to lose their splendor. foot care is vital to keep away from skin troubles. massage scrub-exfoliating cream for ft. 1. moderate herbal extracts. due to the herbal herbal extracts, the cream makes the pores and skin gentle and easy. 2. scrub particles. mild and natural exfoliating debris put off dust and dead pores and skin cells, leaving the skin easy. 3. shea oil. incorporates shea oil, which moisturizes the pores and skin and reduces the advent of dryness. pamper your ft with a gentle cleaning. exfoliation for splendor toes pores and skin. rubdown foot scrub. exfoliating cream. pamper your beautiful skin with decided on herbal elements. soft cleansing scrub particles assist to restore skin splendor by means of casting off dirt and dead skin cells, and fruit oil improves the situation of dry skin, reduces the appearance of roughness. powder from the rind of pecans. pecans peel could be very best, used as a beaten powder, has exact cleaning homes. shea oil. the oil of the cores of the fruit of the shea tree has a moisturizing effect, removes the troubles of dry pores and skin. glycerol. nourishes, moisturizes and smoothest the skin, enhances the absorption of nutrients. the appeal and splendor of the toes and yourself-confidence. deliver your pores and skin splendor with exfoliating cream. the splendor of properly-maintained feet. a gentle cleansing cream-scrub, enriched with shea butter improves the skin and protects towards dehydration, on the identical time cleaning the skin.


Shea Butter Foot


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