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Rice Exfoliating Gel Body Cream In Pakistan

do away with thick skin suggests clean skin.
exfoliating clean.
exfoliating gel desire for smooth & slight!
this product carries particles, rubdown pores and skin, easy cutin, make skin soft with luster, moisturizer, care skin, mild&smooth, improve skin.

product info of bioaqua rice exfoliating gel frame cream
put off thick pores and skin suggests clean skin.
exfoliating clean.
exfoliating gel desire for smooth & moderate!
this product includes particles, massage skin, smooth cutin, make skin gentle with luster, moisturizer, care skin, moderate&soft, improve skin.
bioaqua emblem pores and skin exfoliating gel whitening cream hydrating moisturizing cream reduce pores brightening face body skin care

product name : bioaqua exfoliating moisturizing cream 140g

product efficacy :

bioaqua exfoliating moisturizing cream consists of debris, massage skin, can clean the antique waste

cutin, make pores and skin smooth, glossy, carries moisturizing elements, additionally may be a very good caress

skin, gentle skin, hydrating, activating nourishing, moisturizing , chamfer, reduce pores, brighten skin ,

enhance pores and skin situation

usage :

step 1 : after cleaning face , take appropriate products smear on the face

step 2 : along the pores and skin texture and lightly massage in round motions for 1-2 mins, until the useless

pores and skin off the dirt

step three : then rinse with water



Rice Exfoliating Gel


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