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Rahat Nurament Oil Uses

Rahat Nurament Oil In Pakistan – Azamgarh and manufactured more than 100 Unani Products.Nurament Cream is an herbal pain relief solution that provides quick relief from backache, joint & muscle pain, and Sprains. The natural ingredients in the liniment help improve range of movement and relieve all kinds of pain. In addition, the cream is also effective for Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, and inflammation associated with it. One Product, Noorani Tel became very famous and household remedy in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh and other countries. In 1960, the elder son Mohd. Ajmal Son of Maulavi Mohd. The cream contains Nirgundi, Maida lakri, Sonth, Gandhpurno oil, Pine oil, Castor oil, Mustard Oil, Amba Haldi, Kuchla, Neem, Loban, Methi, Lehsun, Narkachur, Taj, Ajwain, Manjeeth, Haridara, Piplamool, Rakta Mirch, Guggul, Gand Biroza, Kapoor, and Menthol.Darul Adviya Unani was founded by Maulvi Hakim Sanaullah Saheb Marhoom. Hakim Sanaullah Saheb was very famous and respected Hakim of Eastern U.P.

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Later on Darul Adviya started manufacturing Unani Medicines. One of the famous medicines manufactured by Darul Adviya was Roghan Surkh a famous and effective medicine for Muscular Pain and Pain in Joints around the year 1910. Hakim Sanaullah Saheb 3 sons, Namely Hakim Maulana Abu Bakar, Maulana Hakim Mohd. Umar and Maulavi Mustafa. During the lifetime of Hakim Sanaullah Saheb, his son Maulavi Mohd Umar founded a new Unani manufacturing unit in the name of Shamshul Hikmat in the year 1939 at Maunath Bhanjan.Umar also joined the concern after graduation in science and started modernizing the unit and streamlined the marketing, which established credibility of the products manufactured by us. The name of the firm was changed from Shamshul Hikmat to Indian Chemical Co.Indian Chemical Company in the new getup was well accepted by all sections of the society and extensive use of Hindi language in product packaging and advertisement, resulted in mass appeal and confidence of general consume of Noorani Tel. Noorani Tel proved very effective for muscular pains and as massage oil of young babies. Noorani Tel not only made young babies strong and health free of general ailments.




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