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Qarshi Mumsik Sultani in Pakistan

An effective herbal remedy for sexual weakness. Produces enormous strenght, vigour and virility.Mumsik sultani jawahar in an instant effective medicine for sexual retention qarshi r & d cell, after having careful analysis of its ingredients, has fortified the compound with some extra drugs to make it more effective and quick to produce the desired results. Its invigorating and retentive components effectively alleviate all the disorders of the sexual organs and give them vigour and retention. Qarshi r & d cell, with the preparation of these medicine free from harmless components, has taken a practical step towards scientific research, and has proved that useful and efficacious medicines can be prepared if we have potential for research work.Effective for sexual weakness.Enhances strength, vigour and virillity.Useful for spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission.



1 review for Qarshi Mumsik Sultani

  1. shoaib

    its improve my sexual Power thanku so much

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