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Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion, Silky Smooth Skin in Pakistan

this iciness, choose silky easy and soft pores and skin with pond’s moisturizing frame lotion. pond’s body lotion is formulated by pond’s institute to make sure a really perfect blend, that your skin will love and thank you for. this particularly formulated moisturizing lotion is spot on answer for all of your pores and skin’s worries in the iciness, even harsh ones. the carefully selected mixture of triple nutrients b3, e and c, paintings together to

Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion

i truly did now not like this at all. it doesn’t simply harm my skin, however it has not anything going for it that might make me purchase it once more. the odor is a completely cloying blend of the typical ‘pond’s odor’ and some thing else i cannot quite area, emphasis on cloying, it isn’t a awful scent, according to se, but it’s miles surprisingly tense.
this additionally carries vitamins b3, e and c, and with all that, you’d generally count on some thing that works even remotely well.





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