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Ponds Flawless White Visible Lightening Daily Cream in Pakistan

Pond’s flawless white seen lightening day cream protects, nourishes and treats your skin from deep within. This multipurpose cream comes with vao-b3 complex that helps defend your skin against harmful sun rays consisting of various uv rays. Its active elements which include stearic acid brings durable improvement in your pores and skin tone by way of operating at the inner most ranges and come up with lighter and brighter pores and skin. It facilitates mitigate the damage as a result of harsh factors inclusive of you face each day. the cream is quite simply absorbed and does not go away any greasy results. Purchase the pond’s flawless white visible lightening day cream now and use it two times a day after cleansing your pores and skin to appearance flawless.

Ponds Flawless White Visible Lightening Daily Cream

Opposite the damaging consequences of harsh uv rays and pollution on your pores and skin, with the pond’s perfect white visible lightening face cream. This lightweight components works its magic on the inner most levels, to restore your skin’s natural fairness.Restores and protects.This multipurpose face cream includes vao-b3 complicated which protects your pores and skin from its worst enemy, uv rays. Its lively ingredients, inclusive of stearic acid, work deep under the pores and skin to lighten and brighten it.No grease.Its lightweight texture effortlessly penetrates the skin on the private levels, without leaving any greasy effects.Pond’s ideal white seen lightening daily cream .has vao-b3 complicated that fades away dark spots and blemishes, moisturises the pores and skin and protects against solar’s uva and uvb rays



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  1. zubaida

    sucha a flawless feelings i love it thanku so much for your services

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