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Planet Ayurveda Weight Gain Formula 60 Capsules Imported From India Now In Pakistan

Weight benefit system is a blend of conventional elements like ashwagandha (indian ginseng) and others, which assist to hold the body  healthy body weight. The "weight gain method" is a natural ayurvedic nutritional complement which can help increase frame weight. It includes herbs that help modify right metabolism and help you gain weight evidently. Tablets improve patience, will and growth human weight.

The "weight gain components" is a mixture of herbs that act synergistically to assist improve muscle strength, tone muscle mass and boom muscle groups. For exceptional effects, use 100% pure natural extracts. A various and balanced food plan and a wholesome way of life are crucial. In case you are ill, taking remedy, pregnant or breast-feeding, we advise that you communicate on your medical doctor or pharmacist about taking a nutritional supplement.

Planet Ayurveda Weight Gain Capsules | Benefits


  • It is beneficial to keep the coolest muscle health.
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  • It helps to preserve the over all suitable health.
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  • It helps the healthy immune device.
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  • Does no longer comprise any steroids, chemical compounds or preservatives.
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  • Precautions: This product is only organic with standardized extracts of first-rate best elements.
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  • Substances used undergo pleasant-quantity-potency check before components.
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  • This product is unfastened from any greater colour, chemical or added preservatives.
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  • That is to be had at reasonable fee.No fear of facet effects as it's miles pure herbal.
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  • Counseled dose: 1-2 cap once/twice day by day with plain water/fruit juice/milk and so on. (depending upon the circumstance)

Weight Gain Formula In Pakistan | Ingredients 

Ingredients: slumbering vitania root extract (ahswagandha) – 200 mg (10: 1); black pepper extract (vidanga) (6: 1) – 50 mg; bushy pinnacle extract (haritaki) (4: 1) – 50 mg; carp pinnacle extract (bibhitaki) (three: 1) – 50 mg; indian leaf extract (amalaki) (four: 1) – 50 mg; fennel extract (saunf) (7: 1) – 50 mg; lengthy pepper extract (pippali) (4: 1) – 25 mg; cumino extract (jeerak) (eight: 1) – 25 mg. You Can also Buy This Product On Orderpakistan

Weight Gain Capsules In Pakistan | Usage

1-2 tablets two times daily, with simple water, after food. Usage: adults ought to take 1-2 drugs 1-2 instances a day with a tumbler of water after a meal. Endorsed for two-3 months. Do not exceed the recommended dose. The food complement must now not be used as a meals substitute. Guidelines: Keep dry, at room temperature, out of reach of kids Internet content: 30 g (1 capsule of 500 mg)


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