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Male Edge In Pakistan

Male Edge In Pakistan – When placed over your penis, the soft silicone loop at the end holds your penis in place and extends to apply a stretch to your member.When used for several hours at a time, over a period of months, the Male Edge helps to lengthen, widen, and straighten your penis.Initially, you only need to use the Male Edge for around one hour per day, with a gentle pulling force of between 8-1,200 grams.But over the course of six weeks, you can build up to wearing it for 6 hours per day, with a force of up to 2,000 grams.The longer you wear the Male Edge for, and the higher traction you use, the better your results will be.

Male Edge Uses

So, I ordered the Male Edge Extra package, and it arrived a few days later in discreet packaging.
After unboxing it I was impressed with how well made it felt and decided to put it on straight away.
It’s actually very easy to put on and I was surprised at how comfortable it felt.Upgrading to the ‘Extra’ package to get the padded ring was a good decision because it definitely makes the Male Edge more comfortable.

How To Use Male Edge?

And if you’re going to be wearing something for 4 or more hours per day then you might as well pay the extra 20 bucks right for a bit of extra comfort, right?Because the Male Edge was comfortable to wear, I was able to wear it for a couple of hours per session before I felt the need to take it off and have a break.
After a couple of hours, I would take it off, have a 20-minute break and put it back on again for another session.Since gaining over an inch I’ve found that my sex-drive has increased, my erections are harder, and I feel way more confident in the bedroom.
I even managed to give my girlfriend an orgasm through penetration which I never could before, so it’s amazing what an extra inch can do!
I definitely plan to continue using it and would recommend the Male Edge to any man who wants a bigger penis.
It’s well worth the money, just be patient and wear it every day and I think you’ll be amazed at what it can do.


Male Edge


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