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Patients with thyroid conditions should avoid maca because glucosinolates taken in excess and combined with a low-iodine diet can cause goiter.Numerous studies on the aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties of maca are documented in scientific literature. Maca Capsules In Pakistan The genus Lepidium belongs to the family Brassicaceae, which includes approximately 175 species. The aerial part of maca has 12 to 20 leaves, creeping system of stems that grows close to the soil.

Each bottle contains 60 vegan cases of 500mg natural maca powder-a two-month supply. Now Maca Capsules in Pakistan are produced in the USA from imported and homegrown fixings in a GMP-ensured office – quality you can depend on. Numerous animal and human studies on the aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties of maca are found in the scientific literature.Maca is available commercially in several dosage forms including powder, liquid, tablets, and capsules.

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Maca Capsules Uses

Most commercial Web sites recommend a daily dose of 1 dried maca extract 450 mg capsule 3 times daily taken orally with food. Maca supplementation in men for a time of four months. At the finish of the trial, critical expansions in sperm check, motility, and semen volume were noticed. Creature concentrates with Maca Price in Pakistan have likewise demonstrated that it might profit generally speaking sperm wellbeing and empower solid spermatogenesis (sperm creation).

Numerous individuals likewise accept that men may encounter an expansion in sexual craving and capacity when taking Maca. The exact mechanism of action remains to be elucidated. One study established that maca does not directly modulate androgen receptors.

Benefits Of Maca Capsules


  • Each jug contains 60 veggie lover cases of 500mg Maca powder – a two-month supply 
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  • May be taken related to any remaining Fairhaven Health male and female fruitfulness supplements 
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  • Contains hands down the best, totally natural Maca root powder 
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  • May help increment sperm check, motility, and semen volume in men 
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  • May help standardize hormonal lopsidedness in ladies and empower a good estrogen/progesterone proportion for accomplishing pregnancy 


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