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High max Powder Price in Pakistan

nutriley crd Ayurveda high max powder is an entire top boom machine. it helps people gain extra inches of their top growth. peak increase medication is one hundred% herbal non-hormonal education supposed for pre and put up-age growth. it directly emphasizes standards that assist the frame in maximizing height increase.

it boosts the herbal technique of peak boom and development of the body
it helps in constructing and firming muscular mass through selling new cellular and tissue growth
it improves metabolism which similarly ends in a lean frame
it strengthens the worried system
it keeps levels of cholesterol
it slows down getting older procedure

whey protein
skimmed milk powder
overwhelmed sugar
millet flour
soya beej (anrthum sowa)
shatavari (aspargus racemosus)
vidhari kandi (pueria tuberose)
safed moose (asparagus adsecendens)
salam mishri (orchid mascula)
ashwagandha (withania somniferra)

substances (each 10 gms): whey protein 5 gm, skimmed milk powder 2 gm, crushed sugar 1.five gm, millet flour 1.5 with: soya beej(Anethum sowa) 800 mg, shatavari(asparagus racemosus) 1200 mg, vidhari kandi(pueria tuberosa) 500 mg, safed moosali(asparagus adsecendens) 500 mg, salam mishri(orchid mascula) 500 mg, bala(sida cordifolia) 500 mg, ateebala(abutilon indicum) 500 mg, ashwagandha(withania somniferra) 500 mg, munnaka(vitis venifera) three hundred mg.


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