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Hand Point Diagnosis& Treatment Set Price In Pakistan/Rs.40,000

hand factor analysis & treatment green global
hand factor prognosis & remedy set inexperienced global hand component diagnostic & treatment set machine in pakistan. but hand factors diagnostic & remedy tool hct-1e which combines conventional chinese language. due to the fact scientific technological know-how and cutting-edge technology, can diagnose your health situation, discover the ability sickness earlier. but effective acupuncture treatment without the needles-soothes strain. the discomfort!it is your “little domestic medical doctor”,who you may take in conjunction with everywhere.

Index Finger Painindex finger pain

diagnosis abilities:
each character has bio eletric modern in body. the bio electric contemporary-day on plam which stands for one in all a kind frame factors or organs displays the fitness fame of the individual. with state-of-the-art digital circuitry. consequently detective pen can assist man or woman to diagnose their fitness scenario successfully and locate the functionality illness earlier through. the acupuncture points at the palm. because usually the individual most effective feel little electric powered current on palm at the same time as sub-health and unwell humans experience ache to severa stages correspondingly. but more youthful ladies are greater touchy in ache feeling.

Pain in Palm of Hand at Base of Thumb

except the ammeter indicates usful fitness repute. there could be three tiers inside the ammeter,from -20,-10,-5,0,to +five. due to the fact whilst needle indicator pointing to -10 manner “factor of datum inductance response”. those geared up to begin checking;when the needle indicator pointing to -5 way “the focal point of infection”. a critical factor or locus of an infection in an organism;while needle indicator pointing to 0 approach “infection”.


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