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Growth Activator Hair Serum Price In Pakistan | Best Uses

Growth Activator Hair Serum In Pakistan – But, in reality, those with fine hair also can use serums with lighter formulas.If you are one who styles their hair often, then you should opt for the products that also act against the heat damage from styling tools like curling or flat irons and blow dryers. Always choose hair serums with keratin as an ingredient if your hair is already damaged. It can help put protein back in the hair.One must remember that hair serum is only applied to shampooed hair. Unlike hair mousse or hair sprays, hair serum is primarily a source of nourishment for your hair, even though it does help to style and detangle it as well.

If you are using styling tools like curling or flat irons regularly, or if you feel that your hair is missing that bounce, then give it some extra moisture and nourishment in the form of hair serum. Your hair may look dull and brittle when it loses all the moisture. Also, it needs a bit of revitalization if you are constantly playing a tug of war with your hairbrush.You must find the perfect product best suited for your hair type.

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How To Use?

You must also be aware of the ingredients used. This could often mean experimenting with a few products before finding the right one. Also, there is a misconception that people with fine hair cannot use any serums because serums will make their hair flat.Flip your hair forwards and start applying the serum on the hair that falls over your face, going upwards from the tips of your hair. Massage the tips, as the hair serum works well on split ends. Flip the hair back again, take two to four more drops of the serum, and massage it well, starting at the back and moving forward to the front of the hair.

Growth Activator Hair Serum Original Product | Reviews

The primary purpose of hair serum is to protect your hair against dust and grime. Hence, applying it on unwashed hair will defeat the purpose.Often, popular brands manufacture a complete range of hair grooming products that include shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum that are made to complement each other. Applying hair serum before washing your hair is the optional step. Some people find that it can help reduce frizz and dryness.


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