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Grand Johnson In Pakistan – It is like a supplement and medication. It is working for some people and not for others. For me is working amazing, to improve my sexual life. Grand & Johnson; the designers Bertel Grote (Grand) and Jeroom Jansen (Johnson). After both having worked in the industry for a number of years, they joined forces in 2010 and started the design studio Grand&Johnson in de Hallen in Amsterdam.

Grand&Johnson has since grown into a team of interior architects and product designers. The interiors of private and commercial projects are fleshed out with pure attention and an eye for detail. Do you want to see what our signature is?

Grand Johnson

Take a look here to admire a selection of our projects. Imagine: you have bought a plot, are going to build a new building and are playing around about the ideal set-up. You have seen a beautiful house, but the layout is not ideal, or very dated. Your current house is very nice, but no longer optimally matches your current phase of life. Or you are simply ready for a new, fresh layout in your familiar home. In short; you want to build, expand, and renovate. Then we are at your party.

We make a plan based on your wishes and dreams. It starts with a sketch design, floor plan, mood boards, colors, and materials. But also furniture customization, lighting, window coverings, furniture, and styling are part of this design. We then do the aesthetic construction supervision. You can read more about it below. This phase starts with digitizing the floor plans – unless we receive them digitally from the architect.

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Grand Johnson In Pakistan – We then make a sketch design based on all the wishes and opportunities in the building. We present this including floor plans, views, and mood boards to determine whether we are on the right track. After completion of the secondary education, we further detail the plans in order to arrive at a final design. This allows us to coordinate with the construction team on what needs to be done later. At the same time, we work on various components that are relevant after delivery, such as a furniture plan, customization (including kitchen, and cabinets), upholstery, window coverings and styling. There are various moments of presentation and consultation.


Grand Johnson


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