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Golden Pearl Whitening Series Whitening & Repairing Cream Made in USA

This advanced whitening & repairing cream allows to make pores and skin perfect, whiten and rejuvenated. Enhances cellular renewal and enables to plump the advent of best lines and wrinkles while amino acids whitening.Treat your broken skin with whitening treatment of golden pearl whitening series whitening & repairing cream. Helping make pores and skin look smooth and shiny, it enhances its appearance improving skin’s complexion to a fairer tone. Infused with nutrition c and e, it presents protection for up to 24 hours long. It shields pores and skin day and night towards dangerous uv rays, environmental dirt, dirt and greater. Its whitening and repairing formula no longer most effective works efficiently for color however also facilitates repair harm, reduces pleasant lines and wrinkles and smoothens pores and skin.

Golden Pearl Whitening Series Cream

Whitening & repairing cream (day and night time cream): this superior whitening & repairing cream allows to make skin flawless, whiten and rejuvenated. Enhances cell renewal and helps to plum the arrival of high-quality lines and wrinkle while amino acids whitening agents obviously whitens the skin. Steeply-priced cream offers superior moisture and hydration and herbal vitamins repair your pores and skin leaving it feeling intensely re-nourished, supple and young looking.

Equity and harm repairing cream
Moisturizes skin preserving it hydrated
Eliminates excellent lines and wrinkles
Enhances complexion – provides to the fairness
Treats broken pores and skin
Gives safety for as much as 24 hours long



Golden Pearl


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