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Golden Pearl Whitening Facial Kit in Pakistan

This golden pearl whitening facial package can be used to be gifted to someone else who enjoys skin care products. As it’s miles economically priced, students on a budget may additionally buy it for utilization or gifting functions.  The golden pearl whitening facial package includes all the goods in small quantities so the first-rate of the products may be skilled and then professional kits can be bought as in keeping with the customer’s need.All skin sorts for whitening functions can use the golden pearl whitening facial kit. having the golden pearl whitening facial package offers you a parlor like skincare treatment at home or in hostels! With this golden pearl whitening facial kit, every body can turn out to be a skincare treatment expert

Golden Pearl Whitening Facial Kit

Golden pearl is a well-known nearby pores and skin care logo synthetic by means of golden pearl cosmetics. Ordinary the logo is gaining loads achievement with its greater merchandise covered up like facials, scrubs, whitening soaps and anti-wrinkle formulas.
This facial trial package is in particular designed for the clients who need to strive our facial remedy for trial basis. This advanced formula % has five to six facial treatments in it. all the products (nine products) of whitening facial are blanketed in it with small portions. So you can test the pleasant of the products and can use the professional packs as consistent with your necessities.
Golden pearl facial package which includes whitening facial purifier, whitening toner, whitening facial scrub, whitening massage cream, whitening moisturizing mud mask, whitening smooth mask powder, blackhead doing away with mask, whitening skin serum and whitening & repairing cream.


Golden Pearl


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