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Girth Control In Pakistan

Girth Control In Pakistan – If there really were a magic fat-burning pill, you’d already know about it. Your best bet for losing weight is always going to be eating less and exercising more.

If you’re already doing that, there are a few supplements worth considering, especially if you just can’t seem to shed those last few pounds. We asked Richard Krieder, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation at Baylor University, to help us wade through the hype.First there was the man purse, or murse; then there was the manzier.

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Now, a company co-founded by Corie Chung is bringing its line of body-slimming underwear for men (uh, mirdles?) to the United States. Chung, ’01, a former marketing manager at L’Oréal, and partner Gavin Jones started Sydney, Australia-based Equmen (short for “equality for men”) in 2007 to address what they saw as an underserved market.

“There’s been significant innovation in the undergarment industry for women, with shapewear, and for elite athletes, with the new sports compression garments that optimize performance,” says Chung. “But there’s nothing that can truly help men look and feel their best every day.” The company’s “Core Precision Undershirts,”

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which start at $89, promise to squeeze three inches off a guy’s gut with scientific-sounding “Helix-Mapping”—technology that mimics the cross-taping technique used by trainers to support athletes’ core muscles. The garments are also made from wicking fabric that controls body temperature and manages moisture. This fall, Equmen added skivvies to their product portfolio. Using the same technology as their tanks and tees, these “High-Performance” drawers help men make the most of their, ahem, assets. Hurray for equality!

Extracted from vegetable pulp, this fiber forms a thick, indigestible gel when exposed to liquid. Swallow a capsule and it will do the same thing, bulking up to fill your stomach and suppress your appetite. A Norwegian study showed that people taking glucomannan lost an average of 5.5 pounds over eight weeks, without exercise or dieting. The substance comes in two forms: flour and capsules.




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