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Flamazine Cream in Pakistan

Flamazine cream incorporates the lively ingredient silver sulfadiazine, that’s a kind of antibiotic referred to as a sulfonamide. Silver sulfadiazine is energetic in opposition to a extensive range of micro organism, as well as some viruses and fungi. It stops these microbes from multiplying and causing skin infections

How to use it

It’s miles important to apply flamazine precisely as your doctor or pharmacist has advised you. if you use it much less frequently than you must, it can not paintings as properly and your pores and skin problem won’t improve. Using it more frequently than you ought to won’t enhance your skin trouble any quicker and can motive or growth facet consequences.It’s miles vital to apply flamazine exactly as your medical doctor or pharmacist has instructed you. in case you use it much less frequently than you should, it could no longer paintings as nicely and your skin problem might not enhance. The use of it greater regularly than you have to won’t enhance your skin hassle any faster and may purpose or boom aspect outcomes. These problems are usually managed by a nurse – every day, or every other day. The wound will first be cleaned and any discharge and dead tissue from the wound cleared. A layer of cream that is at least three to five millimetres thick will be applied into the cavity of the ulcer/sore, and this will be covered with an absorbent or gauze dressing and possibly further bandaging.




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