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FEG Breast Enlargement Cream Detail

Specifications: Item Type: Breast Enlargement Cream Main Ingredients: Ginseng, angelica sinensis, evening primrose, myrrh, green papaya, kudzu root Net Content: Approx.100g Weight: Approx.127g

Function: Supplying nutrients for breast to create elastic, full and firm breast


Every bit of this FEG Breast Enlargement Cream oozes out perfection in itself and you can expect to see fine results with no side effects. The composition is very basic and all of it works on your body with their own set of advantages, bringing a desirable end result when the whole story goes down.

How it works?

FEG Breast Enlargement Cream adopts multiple kinds of herbal extracts, which activate the breast cell. It can promote breast cell, adipocyte and histiocytic proliferation. FEG can change the unobstructed and blocking condition of breast cells, improving the absorbing ability of breast tissues. It can provide lots of active nutritional ingredients for the breast. Then flat and flabby breasts can be changed.

Side Effects

100% Natural, No side-effects!


Ginseng, Angelica, Evening primrose, Myrrh, Green papaya, Pueraria mirifica.

More information

Apply on the breast and massage breasts for 5 minutes. Once in the morning and in the evening daily. Normally, the amount of peanut size cream is fine.

Not suitable usage if it is in lactation period and consult your doctor if you have any breast or skin diseases.




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