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Do Silk Ultra Thin 3 Condoms in Pakistan

Silky smooth sensations with ultra-thin condoms.Extremely-thin condoms for natural skin on skin feeling.Every condom is electronically tested to assist make certain reliability.Reduces the risk of hiv/aids and different stds.Right use enables save you undesirable pregnancies.Guard from heat, direct sun rays and mechanical harm.Thin condoms heighten sensitivity and intimacy due to thinner latex at the same time as preserving a high stage of safety. Thin condoms are designed to sense more herbal with their pores and skin on skin sense.

Do Silk Ultra Thin 3 Condoms

Enhance the intimacy of your intimate moments with the durex more thin condoms. These condoms with their exquisite-thin latex layer promise you a sleeker experience and heightened sensitivity even as supplying the equal stage of reassurance and safety as a regular condom.With over ninety seven years of revel in, durex is relied on with the aid of tens of millions of fans round the sector every day. durex doesn’t just meet global condom requirements, it exceeds them, giving you the self belief to like the sex you have. Go to durex.Com for notion, fun and range.Open with clean arms and make sure the teat is dealing with up. squeeze the teat to make sure no air is inner.


Do Slik

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  1. Iqra

    feels a silky sensation thanku so much for your serivces

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