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Catherine Slimming Green Tea Side Effect

Catherine Slimming Green Tea In Pakistan and Dubai – Laxative tea –The ingredient Senna present in Catherine tea is a natural laxative. This ingredient supports the cause of diarrhea, dehydration, stomach issues, dependency, cramps, and strangely; constipationBecoming malnourished – Excessive flushing of fluids from the body can dehydrate the system. This will reduce important fluids for the proper functioning of the bodyLosing the natural ability to flush waste – When continuously used, the body will eventually depend on the tea for flushing. At worse this might even keep you wondering how to go to the bathroom without it!Electrolyte Imbalance – Quickly flushing unwanted substances can cause an electrolyte imbalance. This is an important element in regulating body functions. So this imbalance might lead to confusion, weakness, abnormal heart rhythms, and seizures.Drug interactions causing serious health issues – The powerful herbs included in Catherine tea can interact with other drugs.

Catherine Slimming Green Tea Benefits

Especially with certain over-the-counter medications, you’re taking. This interaction might lead to severe health conditions.The taste of Catherine tea is not much reviewed about because for many it tastes a little bitter. This is because unlike other teas that have tea leaves, Catherine tea mostly contains plants. The herbal plants help speed up absorbing fluids in the body and thereby lose weight quickly.Catherine tea is originally for losing unnecessary weight and to slim down. It is made for burning fat contents stored in your belly and for flushing all unwanted contents in the body. This helps you attain a fit body with a slim waistline. Although it was originally introduced for women, now even men use them for its benefits.When you incorporate regular exercise while drinking your Catherine tea, then usually, it will take about six to eight hours to begin working effectively.  While if you don’t do regular exercise it may take 8 to12 hours after drinking weight loss detox tea for it to start working effectively.The Catherine tea works by accelerating the fat burning process which in turn stimulates belly fat loss.

How To Use Catherine Slimming Green Tea?

Everyone always wants a better outcome or to lose weight faster and safely. Therefore, it is very important to know how to take Catherine tea or how to effectively use Catherine slimming tea for weight loss.Here is how to take or use Catherine tea effectively. Take one cup of Catherine’s tea and drink it in the morning and also another one cup of Catherine tea and drink in the evening, especially at night. In short, you should take two cups of Catherine tea 2 times in a day for a better result.  You should use Catherine slimming tea continuously for 3 to 4 weeks, then you can take a break for a few months before using it again.Importantly, avoid taking Catherine tea on an empty stomach. Also, ensure that you do regular exercise within these three to four weeks for better results.Remember exercise also help accelerate fat burn, and someone who uses Catherine slimming tea for weight loss and includes regular exercise can get faster result as compared to someone who does not do regular exercise.Note that if you encounter any unusual or disturbing reactions, stop using it and seek medical advice from your doctor and only continue after seeking medical attention.


Catherine Slimming Tea


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