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Blueberry Juice Price in Pakistan

Suitable To:

• people of all age corporations, specifically.
• humans with persistent fatigue.
• people with liver disorders or intend to defend liver functioning.
• humans intend to enhance or shed pounds.

key information:
american cherry:
american cherry consists of excessive amount of iron which is 20-30 times that of apples. the melatonin constituent doubles the anti-growing older results. american cherry is rich in protein, nutrition a, b, c, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron etc. it’s far low in calorie and excessive in fibre.
raspberry extract:
raspberry originates from europe and the usa. it incorporates high protein, organic acids, vitamin c, salicylic acid and other nutritious factors. lengthy-time taking of raspberry can defend the heart, prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and stroke. raspberry is the richest source of ellagic acid, that could inhibit most cancers cells. raspberry is known as “fruit for the rich” by way of europeans and americans for its nutritious price. american

Blackberry Extract:

carries 17 amino acids and various vitamins vital to human frame. the content material of diet c is 5 instances that of apples and 6 instances that of grapes. what essential is that blackberry consists of wealthy sod and acids that have anti-ageing results. lengthy-term taking of blackberry can sell longevity and postpone getting old. it enjoys brilliant recognition within the global with another call – “fruit of life”.

artisan vapor has been the main agency in imparting the satisfactory e-liquids inside the pakistan. clean blueberry e-liquid is one among our top selling e-liquids. this incredible vapor liquid is available in pakistan for a totally low-cost price of just pkr 850 and pkr 1800. you could pick from 15ml and 40ml bottle sizes with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg,16mg and 24mg each respectively. this is one of the exceptional e-juices available with a very colourful and rich taste which each vape lover truely can not omit out on!

this taste brings the freshest and maximum succulent blueberry we can offer. it’s exquisite by itself and while blended with many other flavors.

the e-liquid bottle effortlessly has a dropper for clean refilling of the tank which minimizes any lack of the e-liquid as well as a closure for child safety.

all of our flavors are american made, and incorporate best the greatest components.


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