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Black Lengthening Silk + Mascara 1+1 Eyelash Makeup Set In Pakistan


Product Manual 

bioaqua brand black silk masks makeup set eyelash extension elongated roll 3D fiber masks water resistant cosmetics

logo: bioaqua crystal
product call: silk + mascara
service lifestyles: three years
factor:collagen, vitamin c, nutrition e, hyaluronic acid, provitamin b5, purified water, and so on.
1. thick water-resistant, shockproof masks
– as thick as a feather laser, it’s smooth to create a lovable eye makeup.
– compact velvet brush head, flippantly pasted to create a lovely look.
– clean to put on, clean to wear, can cope with the higher and decrease components of the eye –
the eyelashes of every tiny angel may be without difficulty mastered even for beginners.
2. grafting silk lashes, silk fibers lengthened and thick 1 + 1> 2
graft and moisturize eyelashes for a rich lash effect.
– create thick, narrow eyelashes for a lovely eye make-up.


step 1: practice the mascara calmly to the eyelashes.
step 2: follow silk lashes to the eyelashes
step 3: brush a layer of mascara once more to make a thick black eyelash.
paperwork an extended black eyelash make-up effect.
package contents: 1 x silk + mascara

product kind: mascaras

Product Features:

1.thick lenghtening mascara-water-proof sweatproof smudgeproof
-as thick as feather-like lases,smooth to create your captivating eye make-up.
-compact velvet brush head,paste frivolously connected,to shape splendor make-up.
-easy to apply,smooth to put on make-up,can take care of the higher and lower eye-
lashes of each subtle angel,even the beginner can without problems grasp.
2.silk eyelashes grafting fiber-silk fiber lengthening & thick 1+1>2
-grafting and moisturizing eyelashes,makes wealthy thick eyelashes impact.
-create lengthening thick eyelashes,makes captivating eyes make-up.


step 1:basis – practice mascara flippantly to the eyelashes.
step 2:covered with silk eyelash fiber on the eyelashes,makes eyelashes be
lengthy and curling.
step three:brush a layer of mascara again, in order that eyelashes thick and black.to
shape a long black eyelashes make-up effect.

package content material:1 x silk + mascara

1.thick lengthening mascara-waterproof sweatproof smudgeproof

– as thick as feather-like lases, clean to create your captivating eye makeup.

– compact velvet brush head, paste lightly connected, to form splendor makeup.

– clean to apply, clean to wear makeup, can deal with the upper and decrease eye.

2. silk eyelashes grafting fiber-silk fiber lengthening & thick 1+1>2

– grafting and moisturizing eyelashes make a rich, thick eyelashes impact.

– create lengthening thick eyelashes, makes captivating eyes make-up


Black Lengthening Silk


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